When I found my way into teaching I feel in love. I feel in love with the content, the challenges, and the students. This was before I was married, before I had kids. My students were my first kids and I loved them. We were at a Title I school. We were a 1 star school, eventually being labeled a turnaround school. The kind of school where the district pays subs extra because no one wants to come there. The kind of school where most of the kids are Black and brown, where fights happen regularly, and a good number…

The country is in upheaval and people everywhere are trying to figure out what they can do. This is no more evident than in conversations with teachers. In a time when we’ve faced a pandemic and the whiplash of switching to some perverted version of online learning, teachers are now having to question how to address the current issues in their classroom. You have the tools at your fingertips. If you’re reading this saying “I don’t want to be political” or “The classroom isn’t the right place to be political” you are being political. Your silence is political!

The books…

Morgan Jackson

Wife. Mother. Teacher. Advocate for making positive changes in the world.

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